Reserch and Development

Reserch & Development


Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

Our research and development team constantly looks for the new techniques and equipment to produce high-quality cotton yarns and bales. They are working on inventing new technologies and methods to streamline the entire cotton manufacturing process and we are benefitted immensely.

Laxmi Cotspin Limited is dedicated for providing cotton products of the highest quality. We have formed a group of over 4000 farmers which works for the cultivation of raw cotton of the highest quality. We work with IKEA, WWF India, and KVK Jalna to grow cotton in an eco-friendly way and that too in huge volumes.

  • Statex CSP System with Wrap reel - Measuring Hank & Count of the finished products of various stages.
  • RKM Strength Tester - Premier Tensomaxx 7000.
  • Twist Tester - Statex.
  • USTER UT5 Evenness Tester - Measures the yarn evenness in terms of U% and imperfections (Thin, Thick and Neps) per kilometer and hairiness present in yarn.
  • Premier Aqura- For Process control
  • Premier HFT 9000- For Cotton Properties
  • Black Board Yarn Appearance Tester - For visual yarn appearance.
  • Ultra–Violet Room - For detecting raw material & process deficiencies.

Registered Office: Gut No.399,
Samangaon-Kajla Road,
Opp. Meenatai Thakare Vridhashram,
Samangaon, Jalna- 431 203. (Maharashtra)