Raw Cotton

Hygienic conditions are maintained at our workplace to ensure the quality of the cotton yarns. Moreover, thewell-qualified staff is hired for the selection of the raw cotton.

  • Here are the steps were taken by us to curb down the impurities at all the levels.
  • Raw cotton is kept of the clean and the hygienic floors.
  • Raw cotton is subjected to minimal human touch or handling.
  • Each worker is allotted a waste bag to pick up any dirt or impurities while working.
  • Tying of hair is mandatory to all the workers to avoid mixing of hair with raw cotton.
  • Cotton bales are thoroughly checked for quality before deploying them to the production units


Together with WWF India and KVK (KrushiVigyan Kendra) Jalna, Laxmi Cotspin Limited is actively involved in developing better cotton cultivation practices to increase the volume of cotton produced in an environmentally friendly way, we are procuring better cotton from farmers in our area.

BCI – Serviced by IKEA for BCI cotton & Products.

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