About Us

About Us

“Join us on our journey as we spin a brighter future for the world of textiles. At Laxmi Cotspin Limited, we’re not just manufacturing textiles – we’re weaving the fabric of a sustainable, interconnected world.”

Our Vision

We aspire to be the world’s most cherished partner in the textile manufacturing industry. With an unwavering commitment to exceptional quality, Laxmi Cotspin Limited aims to be an irreplaceable link in the global textile chain, touching every stakeholder with our passion for excellence and commitment to sustainability.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver quality-driven and value-embedded products and services. Through our premium cotton bales and yarns, we seek to surpass global standards in every aspect of our operations. Our commitment to quality, punctuality, and respect for our customers’ needs underpins every decision we make. This culture drives our pursuit of new avenues, fostering growth and innovation for a better tomorrow.

Commitment to Sustainability and Safety

At Laxmi Cotspin Limited, our responsibility towards the environment is as crucial as our commitment to excellence in textile manufacturing. We diligently adhere to environmental guidelines and safety standards, advocating for conservation and the controlled use of resources.

  1. Recycling Practices: We prioritize the recycling and re-use of water, energy, and raw materials to minimize wastage and create a sustainable production process.
  2. Employee Training: Regular training sessions and programmes are conducted to emphasize the importance of safety and environmental awareness among our employees.
  3. Safety Measures: To ensure a secure workspace, we constantly work on improving safety standards to prevent accidents, fires, and casualties.

Our Environment

Dedication to Sustainability and Compliance

At Laxmi Cotspin Limited, we are staunchly committed to creating a sustainable and compliant business environment.

  1. Pollution Control: We actively work to reduce pollution at all levels, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment.
  2. Environmental Adherence: We strictly adhere to all environmental guidelines as outlined by the legislature, taking proactive steps in maintaining eco-friendly practices.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: We conscientiously comply with all regulatory requirements set forth by the Government of India, upholding the principles of ethical business conduct.
  4. Technology and Infrastructure Upgrades: We consistently invest in upgrading our technologies and infrastructure to enhance safety, health, hygiene, and environmental standards within our operations.
  5. Resource Procurement: We are committed to procuring equipment and services that align with our dedication to safety, hygiene, and environmental preservation.

By instilling these commitments into our operations, we at Laxmi Cotspin Limited strive to shape a textile industry that’s as responsible and respectful to the environment as it is dedicated to quality and innovation.


Our Valuable Team

Managing Director

Mr. Sanjay Rathi is a commerce graduate from Marathwada University and has completed diploma in Business Management. He joined LCL in 2006 as a director and presently is a Managing Director of a company actively involved in Business development in both domestic and export markets and overall operations of the unit. He is also associated with various social Organizations in Jalna.

Director – Cotton Association of India, Mumbai
Director – Maharashtra Private Spinning Mill Association

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