Quality Control

Quality Control

Premium Raw Cotton and Sustainable Practices

At Laxmi Cotspin, quality and hygiene remain integral to our operations. Our high-grade raw cotton is hand-selected by our proficient staff, minimizing human contact to ensure purity. Our staff, equipped with waste bags, meticulously removes any traces of impurities during the process. With mandatory hair-tying practices, we ensure no external contaminants mix with our raw cotton. All our cotton bales undergo strict quality checks before being sent to production units.

In collaboration with World Wide Farming (WWF) India and Krushi Vidnyan Kendra (KVK) Jalna, we are actively evolving sustainable cotton farming practices. We are proud contributors towards environmentally friendly cotton production, sourcing Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) certified cotton from local farmers. Our efforts are endorsed by IKEA, who recognizes our dedication towards delivering high-quality BCI cotton and products.

Hygienic conditions are maintained at our workplace to ensure the quality of the cotton yarns. Moreover, thewell-qualified staff is hired for the selection of the raw cotton.

  • Here are the steps were taken by us to curb down the impurities at all the levels.
  • Raw cotton is kept of the clean and the hygienic floors.
  • Raw cotton is subjected to minimal human touch or handling.
  • Each worker is allotted a waste bag to pick up any dirt or impurities while working.
  • Tying of hair is mandatory to all the workers to avoid mixing of hair with raw cotton.
  • Cotton bales are thoroughly checked for quality before deploying them to the production units

Research, Development & Quality Assurance

Laxmi Cotspin holds a firm belief – “Quality is our religion.” Achieving top-notch quality is never coincidental; it’s a result of conscious intentions, sincere efforts, intelligent planning, and skillful execution. Our research and development team continually explores innovative techniques and equipment to produce premium cotton yarns and bales.

We possess a network of over 4000 dedicated farmers working towards the cultivation of the highest quality raw cotton. Our cutting-edge machinery and quality control methods, including the Statex CSP System, RKM Strength Tester, USTER UT5 Evenness Tester, and Black Board Yarn Appearance Tester, among others, ensure stringent quality checks at each stage of the production process. Our commitment to quality reflects in every product we deliver.


Advanced Technologies and Timely Delivery

At Laxmi Cotspin, we are committed to delivering premium products to our customers, leveraging the most innovative technologies and state-of-the-art machinery. Our advanced equipment, sourced from global manufacturers, empowers us to maintain top-tier quality while ensuring timely service and supply.

Understanding our customers’ needs for quality and timely delivery, we adhere to international manufacturing standards. We maintain an uninterrupted power supply and boast a dedicated workforce, together forming the backbone of our promise for timely delivery of world-class products. We take into account environmental and social concerns in all our processes, proving our dedication not only to our customers but also to our planet.