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Backward integration at the same premises has ensured un-adultered raw material with which we assure best quality product every time though out the year.


Cutting edge technology, finest selection of machines, unmatched total productive systems backed with dedicated and highly qualified team enables us to deliver the superior consistent quality.


Approximately 48% of women are currently employed in the production department, showcasing significant progress towards gender inclusivity in the workplace.


We take pride in offering comprehensive and tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each and every customer. Our commitment is to provide exceptional service and address specific requirements with utmost precision and care.

your trusted partner for superior quality cotton products.

Welcome to Laxmi Cotspin Limited.

Our state-of-the-art factory is strategically located in the heart of Marathwada & Vidharbha region at Samangaon, a mere 12 km away from Jalna, Maharastra. This area is known to account for a significant 75% of Maharashtra’s raw cotton production. We are right at the core of this cotton-rich zone, which produces an impressive 50 lakh bales. Specifically, the Jalna districts contribute approximately 7 to 8 lakh bales to this figure.

The strategic positioning of our factory ensures efficient and cost-effective procurement of raw materials. It not only reduces our time consumption but also facilitates significant freight savings, thereby making our cotton products competitively priced.

Explore our range of cotton products, manufactured with a commitment to quality and sustainability. With Laxmi Cotspin Limited, you are choosing an industry leader that places a high priority on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Rajuri Steel Pvt Ltd, India’s premier producer of high-strength quenched steel bars and wires, holds the leading position in TMT bar production since 1995, reinforcing its status in the steel industry.


Welcome to Laxmi Cotspin Ltd., a revered collaboration between the renowned Rajuri Steel Pvt. Ltd. and Vikram Tea (Bhaishree Group). These business giants, well-established in their respective sectors, distribute their top-quality products across India. Rajuri Steel is celebrated for supplying premium TMT bars and MS Steel Ingots, while Vikram Tea is renowned for its exquisite tea brand, “Bhaishree’s Vikram”.

Recognizing an opportunity in the cotton industry, these groups came together to invest in a cotton spinning mill, giving birth to Laxmi Cotspin Ltd. on 19th October 2005. Today, we are a proud manufacturer and supplier of the finest varieties of cotton yarn, cotton bales, and cotton seeds. Our specialty lies in the production of 100% pure Cotton Combed Hosiery and warp yarn in count range Ne 30s-40, which we export to numerous countries worldwide.

We are committed to providing quality, and hence, our offerings also include the finest quality pesticide-free BCI & Organic Cotton bales. With Laxmi Cotspin Ltd., customers enjoy superior cotton products, courtesy of a joint venture between India’s most trusted steel and tea brands.

Since 1975, Vikram Tea, a division of Vikram Tea Processor Pvt Ltd., has been dedicated to delivering exquisite tea experiences. Renowned for handpicking the finest Assam tea leaves based on stringent quality measures, we aim to serve exceptional tea in every household.

Our Team

The strength of any business is directly proportional to the strength of its team.


  1. Unparalleled Spinning Process: We leverage the latest spinning technologies and state-of-the-art machinery to deliver the finest quality cotton yarns. Our commitment to perfection ensures flawlessness at every stage of our manufacturing process.

  2. Exceeding Expectations: Our continuous efforts towards improving and upgrading product quality enable us to meet and even surpass our customers’ expectations. We prioritize impeccable service and ensure our customers feel valued and well-guided throughout their journey with us.

  3. Timely Delivery: Understanding the importance of discipline, we are committed to maintaining a timely schedule from manufacturing to delivery. Ensuring the dispatch of ordered goods on stipulated dates is an integral part of our reliable and consistent service.

  4. Exceptional Infrastructure: Our focus on quality assurance is reflected in our substantial investment in sophisticated instruments from world-leading manufacturers. With large warehouses, stores, spinning & ginning plants, we are well-equipped to meet our customers’ needs at all levels.

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